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Our amazing trusted service provider program, HomeHub Powered By ThisIsOurList.com, offers an App paired with a robust website featuring our preferred service providers for all agents, brokers, clients and the broader consumer base to make the vendor process simple for all homeowners when they need service providers after they have sold a home and are moving as well as all home maintenance needs for life. This white glove personalized concierge service is right at their fingertips and places your business above and beyond the competition.

Participating service providers will also be featured in our searchable directory website organized by vendor category with geo mapping; displaying contact information, live website link, social media links, and gathering reviews from consumers.

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2,000+ agents across 90+ offices will have access to all ThisIsOurList. com service provider information via our online agent resource website. With an annual average of 18,765 transactions with buyers and sellers, our agents and brokers are often asked, “Who do you recommend?” As their Trusted Advisor, we direct them to ThisIsOurList.com.

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With over 93 years in the real estate industry, we’ve come across some pretty amazing local service providers like lenders, insurance providers, custom builders, roofers, plumbing & heating, construction, cabinetry, interior designers, architects, home warranty, furnishings, handymen, the best restaurants to go to, doctors, dentists, lawn care and design, car dealerships and service – and that’s just the short list!

The most common question we get when it comes to home and the local communities and neighborhoods we serve is “Who do you recommend?” We take great pride in delivering an exceptional experience when it comes to HOME and connecting people to exceptional service providers.

Schmidt Family of Companies was founded in 1927 and is the parent company to our full-service real estate brokerage firm with 90+ offices in Michigan, northeast Ohio, Florida and the U.S. Virgin Islands and over 2,000 Realtors and Associate Brokers. Total sales volume is $3.8 Billion Dollars with 18,765 closed transactions on the buy and sell side.


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Jared Winsey – JPW Insurance Group LLC

My passion is helping others every day!  

cat-icon 10012 Palermo Circle, Tampa, FL, USA

AMG – Dumpster Rental

Hassle-free scheduling prompt service and affordable pricing.

All Seeing Home Inspection

From foundation to sky, we are your All Seeing Eye

cat-icon 24123 Peachland Blvd c4 125, Punta Gorda, FL, USA