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I have been a home inspector for 3 full years. I have been a permanent resident of Florida for 5 years now. I grew up in Michigan and I lived there for most of my life until my family and I decided to move to the Port Charlotte area in 2017. I have a work background in accounting/finance, mechanical design and construction. I worked for almost 12 years in the automotive industry designing assembly lines and mechanical machinery. I also have a background in construction and I have been working around construction sites since 1988. After years of helping other people remodel their homes, I became a licensed Michigan builder in 2006 and continued in construction until my move to Florida. I only recently let my Michigan builder's license expire since my move to Florida. I always tell potential home buyers to make sure your inspector has a background in construction so they know how a home should be built and what should be in those walls.


3303 Fergus St



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