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Contacted this company after signing a sales and purchase contract on 2007 built Townhome in Placida, Florida that was being sold "AS IS" by a deceased landlord's estate. My wife and I initially viewed the property on Veteran's Day 2020, and decided to place a bid on it that same day since the price was right, and it appeared to be in very good condition, even though it had been an investment rental property for the past 9 years. After we got home to St. Petersburg the next day, I contacted Tailored Inspections to set up an inspection after examining the customer reviews of several other competing Home Inspection companies in the Englewood, Florida area whose Google and Yelp reviews were not quite as good. I attempted to set up the inspection for Saturday, November 14, 2020 but their inspectors were already full booked. Since the owner decided to completely shut down and give his employees off for the entire Thanksgiving week (what a great guy!), we could not get the inspection scheduled until the Tuesday after Thanksgiving at 9:00 am, but it turned out to be worth the wait and delay. The inspector (Mike Coates) showed up to the property 5 minutes before the inspection was scheduled to start. He was very professional, brought his own ladder and tool bag, and proceeded to go through the property for the next 3.5 hours with a fine tooth comb, taking lots of pictures, using an infared camera equipped iPhone, turning on every single light in the house, checking every single inside and outside wall outlet and every electrical breaker panel, and even spending half an out in the attic to check the upper floor air handler and the roof. He performed a Wind Mitigation, 4-Point (Roof, HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical) and a Comprehensive inspection, and that same night I got all three reports back in an e-mail that had lots of pictures and described in pretty thorough detail everything that was flawed with this property..........even though, superficially, it looked like it was move in ready. One of the key things he discovered was a jury-rigged surge protector that had been double tapped in the main electrical feed lines coming into the main electrical service panel in the garage, and identified it as significant code violation. He also found three GFCI outlets in the property that were either no longer working, or were incorrectly wired. He even checked to see if the doorbell was working, and it was not. When I sent the inspection reports to the local insurance company to get the quotes, they reviewed them and told me they would not issue me a policy until these electrical safety hazards were corrected. Since I had to have insurance policies in hand to close on this property due to HOA requirements, I was able to use these inspection reports to negotiate with the seller, and get him to commit to fixing the electrical issues before closing at his expense, which would have otherwise cost us nearly $2000 out of our own pockets had they not been discovered until after we closed and took ownership of this property. The three inspections that Mike Coates completed cost me a total of $525 to have done, but they saved us nearly $1500 in the long run, and we are now on a path to close on this property as soon as the electrical repairs can be completed, and we now know that the Townhome will be safe to occupy once we move into it as our full-time retirement home in the Spring of 2021. I cannot recommend this company highly enough. They are Punctual, Professional Perfectionists, and that is very hard to find in any small business these days.

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